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Our ADAPT Tech Team believes that the 3D revolution is just around the corner (especially with 8-tree® "Instant Quality Control Inspection Products") and will soon take us all by storm, just as photography did in the 20th century. Scanning is a key in this revolution and we have embraced it with our leading metrology technology and a staff with leading edge technical expertise.




We benefit our clients and we are quite different than the standard Metrology and Scanning services companies. We deliver what our clients (YOU) need, such as:


  • Data Choice

    A surface model or solid model or a complete 3D parametric solid model and even 2D build drawings. As a design and engineering firm, we know what it takes and don't just deliver raw scan data.
  • Physical Part

    We can build and deliver you a rapid prototype part or a machined part of what we scan.
  • New or Modified Design

    Our designers would be honored to modify or completely redesign your prototype which you have us scan. This is something we really enjoy and working under your direction, we will help bring a new invention to life.



  • Complete Tear Down Capabilities

    At your facility or at our facility, we have the resources and experience disassembling, organizing, reverse engineering/scanning, documenting, modeling, releasing and reassembling complete vehicles, transports and more. You can pull a massive vehicle or plane into our shop and we will hand it back the way it came in. The best part is you will also receive the completely reverse engineered 3D CAD data and detailed Bill of Materials. Need us to take it a step further and we can perform CAE / FEA testing, modify the design, and more. Just let us know what you need.
  • Automated Quality Control Inspection

    Let us help you ADAPT your Part Manufacturing and Assembly Plants with the new Patented Revolutionary 8-Tree® "Instant Quality Control Inspection Products". We sincerely believe we can "Save YOU Money and Time" and at the same time "YOU Improve Quality"!!

When it comes to quality control in the production plant or complete vehicle reverse engineering, we have the solution and will ADAPT to your needs. We do all of this at a much better price and much higher quality than our competition. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!!




The ADAPT Technology tool box is state of the art and when scanning your products, we will select the right technology that delivers the accuracy, speed, resolution and cost you need for your application.

Our portfolio of services and tools include:

3D Scanning

  • Non-Contact 3D Scanning (Laser, Structured Light, Optical)
  • Contact Measurement (PCMM - Portable Coordinate Measurement Machines and T-Scan Probes)
  • Long Range / Wide Area 3D Scanning (Capture Buildings, Airplanes, etc.)

3d scanner 3d scanner

3D Inspection & Quality Control

  • 8-tree® Revolutionary Quality Control System for Surface, Fastener and Gap/Flush instant part inspection (Replaces manual methods saving manufacturing plants a lot of time and money, while also improving quality.)
  • Manufacturing Plant Inspection Automation that eliminates subjective manual quality control processes. No need to pull parts off the line for inspection. All inspection ("Instant Good or Bad Recognition") is in the robot cell and tells the robot to proceed or reject, thus your line never shuts down!! (ADAPT Inspection Automation will save your plant a lot of time and money, while also improving quality.)
  • CAD compare to part and full CAD deviation reporting and color mapping that shows clearly the difference of math data to physical parts.
  • First Article Inspection Reports, PPAP, etc. using PCMM advanced metrology and 3D scanning tools.

Complete Reverse Engineering

  • Includes full physical vehicle/part disassembly and assembly.
  • Surfacing through to delivering Parametric 3D CAD Models and detailed Bill of Materials. We use all the major OEM CAD tools including, Catia, Creo/Pro-E, NX, Solidworks and more.
  • We can also perform CAE / FEA testing, modify the design, and more. Just let us know what you need.


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